Working Together

Whenever possible, we work closely with families where there are child safety concerns by helping you make a plan to keep your child safe while you work on any issues. In situations where a child cannot safely remain in their home, the Child Protection worker will work with you to find a safe living arrangement, possibly in the care of relatives, friends or community members, or a foster home. While your child is staying in a safe home, your worker will continue to work closely with you to help you prepare for your child’s return home.

Foster care is meant to be short-term. According to the law, children under six can live in temporary care for up to a maximum of 12 months. Children who are six years and older can live in temporary care for no more than 24 months. If children are not able to return to their families, they come into the care of the Society.

The following section describes the many helpful child protection services and supports we offer our families, children and youth.