Training & Development

Career development for staff at CCAS

The CCAS is committed to professional excellence through on-the-job training and professional development. It is the policy of the CCAS to ensure all staff continually receive the training necessary to enable them to deliver quality service congruent with our Mission and Values. We are committed to investing in people in order to maintain a qualified, competent and stable workforce.

Staff experience many opportunities for professional and personal growth in a dynamic and progressive work environment that supports continuous learning.

Training and Development for Staff
Training for all staff  is provided through a comprehensive plan for in-house and external training opportunities, which includes  the competency-based training program managed by the Ontario Child Protection Training System.

Educational Leave
Leave of absences, short term and long term up to 24 months, are available to CCAS staff to continue their professional development through participation in professional courses and related degrees. 

Secondments or Reassignments
Staff may be eligible for secondment and/or reassignment opportunities to other positions internally/externally in order to meet individual employee training/developmental needs as part of a planned career development program or to assist service through the utilization of an employee's expertise for a specific purpose and for a predetermined period of time and to develop new skills.

Field Placements
Experienced CCAS staff have the opportunity to supervise social services field placements as a component of their personal developmental plans.  As a Field Instructor, experienced staff share their experience and knowledge, while developing their own skills at transferring knowledge, giving and receiving feedback, and completing evaluations.