Parent Support

Our Parent Support Services program offers parenting help to families receiving protection services from CCAS. Parent Support Workers provide a respectful service that recognizes the cultural uniqueness, values and norms of families, strengthens family relationships and ensures the safety and wellbeing of children. They provide intensive, practical counselling, teaching and support and thus prevent or reduce the number of child admissions into care.  The service provides support for parents with children living in the family home, as well as services for families who are working to have their children returned to them. 

What do we offer?

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Child Access

Each Saturday, CCAS operates child access programs for children and families who receive service from our offices. The Child Access Program gives children in care and their families a safe and supportive environment to visit on the weekend.

The program is volunteer-supported, with one CAP Coordinator at each site who is responsible for facilitating the program. Our dedicated volunteers are there to support parents and children, monitor visits to the level required, and help make the experience safe and positive for children and families.

Our thereaputic access centre at our Toronto Branch offers 11 child-friendly themed rooms, and a family kitchen where children can share a meal with the families.

Are you interested in volunteering with this program? Please visit our Volunteering page to learn more!


Emergency Grants

A great number of our cases involve families living in poverty, which can have a devastating effect on a parent’s ability to manage and provide appropriate care for their children. Too often, it’s the little things that become big barriers. Finding enough money for winter coats and boots. Paying first and last month’s rent. Being able to afford eyeglasses, medical equipment, cribs and strollers, or school trips and supplies.

Supporting children and youth during the most vulnerable time of their life directly improves their quality of life. This is why Catholic Children’s Aid Foundation has created its Emergency Grants Program for families in crisis—a high-impact direct service tool for CCAS child welfare workers assisting families. Our workers not only help families work through their challenges to protect children in their own homes, they also assist them with everyday budgeting, household management, parenting and other life skills. Where needed, the workers make referrals to Catholic Children’s Aid Foundation for Emergency Grants which provide critical relief for deserving families and children in their time of need. Supporting families through this process is the most effective way of making a difference in our children's lives.

Your donation will go a long way in helping families pay for critical medical needs, winter clothing, emergency day care, or baby formula. These grants also allow children to take part in activities such as school trips, music lessons, sports leagues and educational programs.

Please visit our Catholic Children’s Aid Foundation's website for more information, and to make your donation!