Youth-in-Care Receive Scholarships and Beat the Odds: Fund Supports Youth-in-Care Pursuing Post-Secondary Education

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TORONTO -- Funding post-secondary education is a daunting task for most students and their families. Average tuition and related living costs now hover near the $11,000 mark in Ontario.

For current and former youth-in-care of the Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Toronto (CCAS), the task is an uphill climb and in some cases it can prove to be a deterrent to pursuing further education. Under provincial legislation, youth are required to leave their foster or group home at the age of 18. They must then manage the financial burden of independent living - including rent, utility costs, laundry, and groceries - in addition to tuition and text books. 

With that in mind, on Wednesday September 19, 2012, the Hope for Children Fund of the CCAS, will support more than 100 current and former youth-in-care, pursuing post-secondary education. The fund will award approximately $140,000 in scholarships for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Tia is a Hope for Children Fund Scholarship recipient. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama at Queen’s University. “Foster children have enough extra worries,” says Tia. “Relieving financial pressure is very beneficial to post-secondary success. Without this scholarship, it is fair to say, things would have been a lot harder.”

“Funding post-secondary education is a costly endeavour,” says Fernando Saldanha, Manager, Hope for Children Fund. “Our job at CCAS, and the goal of our donors, is to help make the seemingly impossible, possible for these children. We know education is the gateway that will open their worlds and this event is about supporting that journey. It’s about beating the odds.”

Event Details:
Hope for Children Scholarship Event
“Beating the Odds”
Wednesday September 19, 2012, 5:00 p.m.
Hart House, University of Toronto


About Hope for Children Fund:
The Hope for Children Fund supports the Catholic Children’s Aid Society (CCAS) in delivering education and poverty relief programs to its clients with a focus on child abuse prevention. Many of the Fund’s programs are designed to help alleviate crisis situations that may lead to abuse. Hope for Children Fund has awarded more than $2.6 million in scholarships and special achievement grants. To learn more about Hope for Children Fund, please

-    81 per cent of Ontario youth graduate high school, while youth in care have a graduation rate of 44 per cent. (OACAS, Child Welfare Report 2011)

-    Ontario Children’s Aid Societies recommend that Ministry policy be changed to allow youth to stay at home until they finish high school, and they have had the chance to acquire the skills they need to succeed on their own. (OACAS, Child Welfare Report 2011)