Local Woman and The Gatehouse to receive the Stand Up for Kids Award

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Rob Thompson 
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Children’s Aid Society of Toronto 
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Anne Rappé 
Manager, Communications 
Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Toronto 
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Award recognizes those who take action against child abuse

(TORONTO, ON) – Community hero, Glory Chowtie, whose caring actions saved the life of a new-born child and The Gatehouse, a community agency that offers transformative support to victims of childhood abuse, will both be recognized today for their significant contributions to protecting children from abuse and neglect.  The 7th annual Stand Up for Kids Award, sponsored by Toronto’s four Children’s Aid Societies will be presented to Glory Chowtie and The Gatehouse by the Honourable Laurel Broten, Minister of Children and Youth Services as part of October’s Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Glory Chowtie’s act of compassion happened during one of the coldest days last winter and undoubtedly saved the life of a one-day-old-child.  While driving to work early one morning, she noticed a young woman walking who appeared to need help.  Upon stopping to offer the woman a ride, it became apparent that the woman was concealing a baby.  Afraid and confused after having given birth to the child alone hours before, the young woman left with the child and began walking away from her home.  By having the courage to get involved, two people’s lives- those of the new born child and young mother- were irrevocably changed, for the better.  

The Gatehouse offers services that support some of the most vulnerable in our society---victims of childhood abuse.  This community organization provides unique services to abused children and also offers support to adults who have suffered childhood abuse.

“Each of today’s Stand Up for Kids Award recipients are committed to the safety and well-being of Ontario’s kids.  Their actions and the services they provide are extraordinary examples of the type of individuals and organizations that make a difference in the lives of young people every day.  It is such a pleasure to participate in recognizing their achievements,” said Minister of Children and Youth Services, Laurel Broten.

The Stand Up for Kids Award recipients exemplify the very spirit of the award.  Glory Chowtie and the Gatehouse have both demonstrated a strong commitment to our community and our community’s children and families.  

“Glory Chowtie’s actions are truly inspiring.  My hope today is that others will hear Glory’s story and become inspired to get involved when a child, young person or family needs help,” said David Rivard, Chief Executive Officer, Children’s Aid Society of Toronto.  “Glory’s actions powerfully demonstrate that by having the courage to stand up and help someone in need that we can create a city where children are safe, families are strong and communities are supported,” he added.

“When children and youth have been traumatized by abuse, particularly sexual abuse, child welfare workers and police can come together to meet with abuse victims at The Gatehouse,” said Mary Juric, Director of Service, Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Toronto.  “The Gatehouse offers a child-friendly, non-threatening refuge for these children where they can disclose abuse.  Years later, when child abuse survivors become adults, The Gatehouse offers support which allows these adults to move forward with their lives,” Juric added.

The Stand Up for Kids Award will be presented today at 12:00 p.m., Queen’s Park, Committee Room 230.

Over the past year, the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto, (CAS of Toronto), Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Toronto (CCAS), Jewish Family and Child Service and Native Child and Family Service of Toronto have investigated more than 10,000 cases of suspected child abuse or neglect, and provided care for more than 40,000 area children.