Kinship Awareness Week

September 21-25 is Kinship Awareness Week.

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and give thanks to all our Kinship families. We recognize and celebrate the commitment, dedication, love, time and energy that Kinship families give children and youth, making sure that they have a safe home and stay connected to their families and their communities.  

Children and youth benefit from being placed with Kinship families. They remain connected with their family, culture, community and religion. They have a greater sense of belonging and experience reduced separation trauma. Whether these arrangements are short term or long term, they have a life-long impact on children and youth’s lives and contribute to the children and youth’s safety and emotional well-being.  

Our Kinship Assessment and Service teams continue to support Kinship families, and children and youth placed with these families. On behalf of all the staff at Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Toronto we want to thank all Kinship caregivers for keeping children and youth safe and connected.