Immigration Program Services

Effective advocacy makes all the difference
CCAS services are constantly adapting to meet the changing needs of our service recipients. As the city of Toronto continues to become increasingly diverse, unresolved immigration issues now impact a large number of families served by CCAS.

In response to these growing needs, we have developed an Immigration Program as part of our commitment to securing a positive future for our children and youth in care.

The services of our Child Protection Immigration Specialist are unique to CCAS and provide the following types of assistance:

  • Preparing immigration documents and supporting our children and youth through immigration proceedings 
  • Providing referrals to law firms that offer pro-bono services
  • Securing legal status or Canadian Citizenship on behalf of our Crown Wards prior to their discharge from care 
  • Serving as a resource for our staff, community members, and community partners

An unresolved immigration status can pose serious difficulty and risk for our service recipients. Our Immigration Specialist's work with youth, families and community partners has been highly effective in resolving many immigration related-issues. As a result, our Immigration Program has become a highly valued and sought-after service.