Health Services

Knowledgeable, Responsive and Supportive Care 
CCAS Health Specialists play a vital role in promoting the health, well being and safety of infants and young children. They are qualified health professionals who work primarily with the families and/or caregivers of infants and very young children. Our Health Specialists work closely with Society Staff, Foster Care Providers, Toronto Public Health Nurses, Pediatricians and Family Doctors to assess your child's health and assist in ensuring your child's access to professional health care. They are also members of community committees such as Breaking the Cycle, which provide access to more community resources and information.

Health Specialists provide:

  • Health and safety assessments to promote the good health and well being of the children being served.
  • Caregiver education in the areas of infant care, child development, infant mental health, nutrition, safety, and stimulation.
  • Referrals to community health resources to expand the range of services available to you.
  • Collaboration with community care providers including Pediatricians and Family Doctors to ensure continuity and consistency in your child's health care.
  • Training and consultation on health related topics to CCAS staff and foster caregivers.
  • Participation in public awareness campaigns to promote children's health and safety, including public speaking engagements on issues such as Sleep Safety and the effects of domestic violence on young children. 

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