Education Advocacy & Scholarships

Advocating for Academic Success
  • Education breaks the cycle of poverty and empowers children to achieve their hopes and dreams. Our workers create education plans for high-risk children and work with teachers to create an understanding of the unique needs and challenges of children in care.
  • With advocacy and support, our children and youth can achieve higher levels of academic success in both elementary and secondary education.
  • Workers also inspire many CCAS crown wards and former crown wards to pursue post-secondary school education.
  • Our CCAS has developed an Education Resource Guide for professionals in school boards and Children’s Aid Societies across the province. A guide for youth in care is now being developed.

Our Youth Need Your Support

  • Catholic Children’s Aid Foundation provides financial assistance to youth who are CCAS wards or former wards. With the rising cost of post-secondary education, we need your help in ensuring CCAS youth can get the support they need to succeed in life. Paying for college or university is almost impossible for many of our youth who lack the financial and emotional support of a family.
  • Catholic Children’s Aid Foundation Scholarships are distributed each year at our annual Scholarship Event, which is held in late August..

Find out how you can support our youth through scholarships!