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Class Action Lawsuit on Behalf of Crown Wards

Crown Ward Class Action Reaches Proposed Settlement

Were you a crown Ward any time on or after January 1, 1996 until March 30, 2017?

Some former Crown Wards filed a class action law suit against the Government of Ontario claiming that the Government of Ontario had a duty to consider and, where appropriate, seek compensation for physical or sexual abuse they experienced before or while a Crown ward but did not do so.

Proposed Settlement

The Government of Ontario has agreed to a proposed settlement for the class action.  The settlement is conditional on the approval of the Court.

The settlement applies to:

If this applies to you?

The settlement approval hearing is on May 12, 2021.  To obtain more information please see the Court approved notice of the settlement approval hearing is available in English and French

The lawyers acting for the class are Koskie Minsky LLP. For more information about the class action, please visit the website of Koskie Minsky LLP or you may also contact Koskie Minsky LLP at 1.866.778.7985, or by email at You can also click here for more information or contact Epiq Global at 1-877-739-8936, or by email at