Immigration Program Services

Effective advocacy makes all the difference

CCAS services are constantly adapting to meet the changing needs of our service recipients. As the city of Toronto continues to become increasingly diverse, unresolved immigration issues now impact a large number of families served by CCAS.

In response to these growing needs, we have developed an Immigration Program as part of our commitment to securing a positive future for our children and youth in care.

The services of our Child Protection Immigration Specialist are unique to CCAS and provide the following types of assistance:

An unresolved immigration status can pose serious difficulty and risk for our service recipients. Our Immigration Specialist's work with youth, families and community partners has been highly effective in resolving many imm

Special Needs Services

Specialized care and approach that fosters a sense of belonging

The CCAS Special Needs Team is committed to providing a quality of care to children and youth with special needs that values inclusion, belonging, and facilitates a smooth transition to adulthood.

Our effective case management supports the following special needs:

Special Needs Services provide:

Please see Related Links for community and online resources for special needs.

Pastoral Support

CCAS's Pastoral Consultant supports the Catholic Children’s Aid Society’s mission by providing spiritual support that draws on the resources of our Catholic Faith. The Consultant provides short-term counselling, support and referral services during times of stress, grief, illness, trauma or other difficulty.

The following FAQs describe the benefits of this service for our community members:

 If you are receiving child protection services:

Q. When should I seek help?

A. Your case worker can request the Pastoral Consultant’s assistance if you have a spiritual concern, for example:

Q. What support should I expect?

A. The Consultant can provide short-term support, counselling, prayer, referrals and practical assistance.

 If you are a foster caregiver or volunteer:

Q. When should I seek help?

A. You can request the Pastoral Consultant’s assistance when:

Q. What support should I expect?

A. The following types of assistance can be arranged:

Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs)

RESP benefits are critical in ensuring foster children's access to federal education benefits that can grow tax-free. CCAS establishes RESPs for foster children who are younger than age 6. We manage these accounts until children access the funds for post-secondary education or until they turn 25.

CCAS also provides children and youth scholarship grants, which are disbursed through our Catholic Children’s Aid Foundation Foundation.

Ontario Child Benefit equivalent (OCBe)

Starting in July 2009, OCBe, a new funding enhancement introduced by the government provides a range of positive and supportive experiences for our children to help ensure a smoother transition into adulthood.

OCBe benefits include:

Provides children and youth in care (0-17 years old) the option of participating in recreational, educational, cultural, and social activities which support higher educational success, higher degree of resiliency, social skills and relationship development. The selection of programs and activities involves caregivers, workers and youth as part of their formal planning for care.

Disclosure Services

When responding to disclosure requests, we consider both confidentiality policies and a client's right to access personal information.

Current Children and Youth in Care:

Former Crown Wards:

Caregivers who Received our Services:

Please mail your request to:

Disclosure Services
Catholic Children's Aid Society
2206 Eglinton Ave East, Toronto, ON M1L 4S7

Adoptees and their Birth Parents: