Advocate for Kids

Tell us what you think about our "I AM YOUR CHILDREN'S AID" Campaign

Children are our future and their well-being must be a priority for everyone in Ontario. Children’s Aid Societies provide critical and essential services which are a safety net for the most vulnerable members of our society – infants, children and youth who are at risk of, or experiencing abuse, neglect or abandonment. Ontario’s Children’s Aid Societies not only play an important role in protecting and caring for children, but also in preventing and educating the public about child protection and well-being.

On behalf of its member agencies across Ontario, the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies (OACAS) has launched a Public Engagement and Recruitment Campaign to educate Ontarians about the role of the Children’s Aid in their community and ways they can get involved in protecting children and building strong families.

The theme of the campaign is “I Am Your Children’s Aid” and tells the stories of youth, families, foster and adoptive parents and workers, whose lives have been touched by their Children’s Aid. We encourage you to Get involved, and visit because Ontario’s Children’s Aid Societies need more people to foster and/or adopt, volunteer and support the well-being of children and youth.

"Don’t tell me Children’s Aid isn’t effective! I remember a young girl who’d been with us two years when one of my sons referred to her as ‘his sister.’ She ran sobbing into the kitchen and hid under the table. I got under there with her. She felt like she’d never belonged anywhere—ever. Today, this young woman has a stack of awards and volunteers in Tanzania, Trinidad and Ghana. She’s determined to give back.”

"The kids were living in terrible conditions. Both parents were alcoholics and their basement apartment was littered with garbage, including dirty diapers. The mother declared that she didn’t want them, and the father, who said he did, stopped coming for visits. However, their foster mother loved them so much she adopted them, and now, years later, both children are happy and healthy. Seeing them now, laughing and playing, energizes me. Yes, I know why I’m doing this work.”

"At Christmas, our twelve kids—many of whom never knew a happy Christmas before coming here—take dinner, with all the trimmings, to the retirement home nearby. Imagine that, kids who once had nothing but pain, eager to share with others—that’s the power of Children’s Aid.”