Adoption Disclosure

Has your life been touched by adoption? Are you searching for your birth family or adopted child? Many people touched by adoption come to a point in their lives when they want to reconnect with their birth child or birth parents. This is a normal and healthy desire.

If your adoption was finalized in Ontario before September 2008:

If your adoption was finalized after September 2008, the same provisions apply as noted above with the exception of the disclosure veto.  Disclosure vetos do not apply to adoptions which were finalized as of September 1, 2008.

Other situations: 

Adults, birth parents, adoptive parents and birth relatives can also apply for other types of adoption information and services, which include:

CCAS, and three other partner agencies deliver the following adoption disclosure services:


  • Prepares non-identifying information on behalf of adult adoptees, birth parents, adoptive parents and eligible birth relatives. Interpretive counselling offered
  • Assists Custodian in confirming eligibility for services such as the Adoption Disclosure Register
  • Provides clients with support in applying for the various services available
  • Provides support as requested by applicants who have been matched on the Register
  • Ensures that information about the current adoption information disclosure legislation is given to prospective adoptive parents as well as birth parents who are considering adoption for their child 

416-325-8305 | 1-800-461-2156 

Gateway to all application forms for services available to adoptees, birth parents, adoptive parents, and eligible adult birth relatives, including siblings and grandparents: 

  • Disclosure Vetoes
  • Adoption Disclosure Registry
  • Update Information or Remove Name from the Adoption Disclosure Register
  • Contact Notices
  • No-Contact Notices
  • Requests for Non-Identifying Information
  • Requests for Post Adoption Identifying Information
  • Confirmation concerning which CAS was involved in an adoption 


  • Processes applications to the Adoption Disclosure Register 
  • Liaises with CASs to confirm eligibility of requests to the Register 
  • Conducts severe medical searches 
  • Provides copies of redacted Adoption Orders at the request of adoptive parents or adopted adults
  • Provides non-identifying information for adoptions that were handled privately 


  • Maintains Notice of Contact Preferences
  • Maintains No Contact Notices
  • Maintains Disclosure Vetoes
  • Discloses identifying information accordingly

If you know that the adoption was conducted by CCAS and wish to receive non-identifying background information, please write to us with the following information: