Black History Month 2021

Black History Month

Black History Month is more than a date on our calendar.   It is a time to commemorate, celebrate and recognize the achievements of Canadians of African descent and to honour the legacy of Black Canadians, past and present.    It is a time when the Black community reflects, celebrates and projects our hopes and dreams for the future.   In our reflection, we pay homage to our ancestors who were stolen from their homes in Africa and survived the middle passage to endure a life of enslavement in the new world.   Through it all, we have persevered through sheer strength and resilience to become an integral and important part of the Canadian social and cultural fabric.   That’s why during the month of February, we celebrate the contributions people of African descent have made in our society in such areas as politics, arts and culture, sports, economic development and education etc., despite our ongoing struggle for equity and social justice.  

This year, the It Takes A Village (ITAV) Committee, on behalf of the Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Toronto will celebrate the diverse heritage, traditions, and culture of African Canadians with our theme, Oh Canada! Our Roots Run Deep.  Sit back as ITAV takes you on an immersive virtual journey that will encapsulate many aspects of our rich and diverse culture.  

ITAV Committee